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Thursday, November 05, 2009

7 days of Hong Kong -> Shengzhen -> Macau -> Zhuhai -> Macau -> Hong Kong

Day 1 - Hong Kong

HK international airport... this area is new! it wasn't here when I was here 3years ago! This is my 2nd trip to HK.... my first was just before I enlisted in sept 2006...

Hello Tsim Sha Tsui~!!! one look... u can tell its HK! HK has this unique look... those neon billboards hanging around the buildings...

The night life of HK is amazing... its like no one is gonna work tomorrow!!! it's sooo packed everywhere!

The trip was before halloween so alot places have alot of halloween related stuff... even kinder bueno too! haha... and... throughout the whole trip... my cousins keep eating this non stop!!

Can you stop my aunt? haha... if you go HK... you die die must try "xu liu shan"... it is a very famous chain of dessert shops.... it is sooooo gooood that u will want more n MORE!

They are very famous for their mango dessert! The mango is not sour kind but the sweet version... really really nice~!!!

This is the first time i tried their carrot cake in the shop... previously i just had the fruitty desserts that's all... this is not any ordinary carrot cake... there's salty squid!!! ITS DAMM NICE.... the salty squid taste really good tgt with the crispy carrot cake and best of all... it goes well with the mango dessert... so one mouth of salty stuff and one mouth of sweet stuff... and you keep alternate it.... WOW! totally crazy~!!! *warning... very addictive... not suitable for those undergoing strict diet program*

Our day 1 just ended like that with just dinner, desserts and some shopping...

Day 2 - Hong Kong -> Shengzhen

This whole trip I was with my family through out... 9 of us. It was rather hazy and cant see the view of the building cleary across the sea...

CHECK OUT MY GRANDMA~!!! she so funky dunky!! haha... we asked her to pose like a super star and that's her signature pose throughout the trip!!! She is only 70 this year! SO CUTE! hahahaa...

This is my mama! haha... irritating but adorable mother... most of my genes are from her... we both are lame, crazy, naggy, irritating, funny and hyper! haha... more exciting photos coming up later!!! *keep scrolling*

Granny and I posing with BRUCE LEE....

seriously... how can the chair support both my mother and my mother's mother weight! LOL...

IT'S AL!!! ALVIN LEE NOT ANDY LAU! *LOL* one of my favourite HK actor!

If you always watch HK movies and dramas, you will realised this is a very typical scene of gang fight... I always wanted to check out all these places and take some photo...

OH NO~! can u see that guy is carrying a parang and walking towards me!?

HAHA... my mother and my aunt trying to scare that "gangster" off... ok... actually I have no idea who are they...

After the morning tour, we head towards Tung Chung where we will take a cable car up and visit the super huge buddha statue.

The cable car journey was really really long... at least 20mins!

Can you see the buddha at the back?

It is a long way up! So this whole area is call Ngong Ping.. Nothing much except the cable car and the huge Buddha statue.

After walking around... we took train and head towards shengzhen...

Can you spot something wrong in the photo? no prize for that!!! well... WELCOME TO CHINA - Shengzhen... we went for late night shopping after we check into our hotel...

Day 3 - Shengzhen

More shopping at shengzhen the next day... and check out what's wrong with this... sportful garden!? how cool huh!

wow... i wish i can show you my body and slim down just like that! this is really the best!

We went to the arcade for awhile... My grandma went to play this machine which she had no idea how to play! End up she got so many tickets!!

Went back to Dongmen and continue to shop other areas. The place is really big... then I saw this shop...... for those who do not understand chinese... this shop sells DUCK NECK! I know there is DUCK TONGUE... but i didn't know there is DUCK NECK!! GROSS~!!!

This bruce lee lookalike is actually China very own chinese fast food... the words mean real gong fu! Their layout of the place and the logo colour is very similar to KFC...

This is a standard set meal of rice with vegetable, pork and soup. NO DRINKS!

Chinese food in Singapore is very different from China's chinese food. China's chinese is sooooooo much more oily and salty! Look at this soup! SO MUCH OIL~!! so scary...

So I was very bored while waiting for the rest to finish eating... I began to scoop the top layer of oil and put it on another plate... can you see a big puddle of oil with alot other small bubble of oil???

You know how to combine all the small bubble and make it one big puddle of oil???

Let Mr Bored teach you... first.. use a chopstick and keep tapping on the small puddle of oil... it will slowly merge with other small puddle and form medium size... slowly they will form with the big and TADA!!! you got one BIG PUDDLE OF OIL~!!! can you see the difference in the two photos?? This is what happen when you get really really bored... TRY IT NEXT TIME... ITS FUN!

Jay Chou is everywhere in CHINA~!!! endorsed so many clothing brand and even instant bubble tea~!! I bought this instant bubble tea to try it out.... will let you know once i try it out!

Day 4 - Shengzhen - Macau

We took a ferry from shengzhen to macau... and... we are staying at 6 stars hotel! VENETIAN HOTEL~!!! THIS HOTEL IS SOOOOOO BIG~!! I think it is as big as Ngee Ann Poly + SIM campus! yes! that big.... there is Casino (duh!), expo indoor (which lady gaga was having a concert inside recently) and mega shopping centre inside!!

My grandma again... she so funny.

Bathroom! so nice!

Living room!

After check-in, we left the hotel and head to the town area...

Macau's building is so influence by portuguese and i felt like i am in europe!

Do you eat this? It smells really good but I dun like to eat it...

My aunt brought us to this famous noodle restaurant in Macau...

The whole history of the shop is written on it... enjoy reading!

They have this wanton which is SUPER BIG~!!! BIGGER THAN MY FIST!!! so interesting! Its nice and not too oily.. dip with the vinegar... NICE!

Too bad I was very full from my delicious noodle and BIG wanton... this look sooooo nice~!!! ahhhh....

Cant remember what is the name of this church... it's located in the main town area...

the interior is soooooooooo NICE! though it's kinda old...

&l t;p>

if you go macau.... you die die must try their portuguese egg tart! IT's SOOOO NICE~!!!!

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Until much later on then I get a little more hungrier... went to this ireland's potato! It's actually potate with different kind of sauce and seasoning... not bad!!

Finally reached the place... this church was ruined n just left this! quite nice huh... i have no idea why my mum suddenly just hug me like this~!!?!?? hahaa

more pose? haha

nothing much in the town area in macau... quite boring actually.. except the food... so we head back to the hotel...

This is part of the shopping area in venetician hotel... artificial sky... so nice huh... I AM IN EUROPE!

VENICE~!! You can pay to sit on the boat and someone will sing opera to you!!

This is the main entrance to the casino...

on the ceiling is this... so nice right! really felt like i am in europe!

wow... look at the gamblers! Casino really makes alot of money! I wish i own casino...

I went to the casino with my mother. It was actually my first time! My mum gave me SGD$100 to gamble... but i just keep it in my wallet for shopping... haha.. better right!? If gamble, sure lose... So i walked around.... then i saw there is this game call CRAPS!! hahaa... I am serious! it's call CRAPS! too bad I cant take any photo of it. If not I will show you!

Day 5 - Macau -> Zhuhai -> Macau

Zhuhai is just directly north of Macau. It's like JB which is north of SG. We head over for a day trip of shopping and sightseeing..

Zhuhai is quite similar to shengzhen. Looks more dangerous and messy. If I am not traveling with my family, I think i won't want to go over alone...

I don't dare to eat anything from all these food stalls!

plus all these road side stalls... the traffic is very bad over there. the drivers just turn when and where they want.... in the end, we found the huge underground shopping area and bought some stuff before heading back to macau.

Day 6 - Macau -> HK

Venetician Hotel is soooo rich that it has its own ferry port and ferry!!! So we head back to HK and head towards disneyland!

Special Mickey mouse train!

My mum.. haha.. I found this angle to take photo.. quite interesting huh...

Everything is MICKEY! even the bus driver's license is printed on the mickey mouse paper!!

HK DISNEYLAND!!! i didn't go in... because i actually been to tokyo disneyland already and i don't really like disneyland... the rides are too kiddy and each ride you have to wait more than 1hr plus. Totally crazy! So My aunt and I went to shop while the rest of the family members went in...

CHECK THIS OUT!! The sweeper at disneyland can draw mickey with his BROOM~!! damm cool!!!

We went to stay 1 night at Disney Hollywood Hotel..... almost everything in the room is mickey...

body soap n shampoo bottle also mickey!!

I am not so much a mickey or disney person...

Day 7 - HK... still

Ocean park!! finally i am here after hearing so much about this place!

My grandma is really for Halloween~!!

My mum pose everywhere she goes... she dun mind people staring at her!

The view is soooo sooo nice and the weather was super good...

My mum, me and my two cousins went to take the roller coaster... the view is super good on this ride!!!! (one of my cousin chicken out!)

Alot of tourists keep snapping photo... must visit ocean park if you go hk!

The water show at ocean park was kind of disappointing.. probably i saw better one before which is at Australia's Sea World.

SUNSET!! nice huh? I discovered how to use my sunset setting in my camera properly!!

After a long day at ocean park, we went to hotel to rest and wash up a little before going for our last dinner at HK! My aunt brought us to this seafood place... I have no idea where but it's kinda near our hotel. She said it is very famous and alot of tourists and locals come here to eat.

hmmm... staring hard at the menu....

My aunt ordered this~!!!! do you have any idea what is this!?!?!? its called mantis shrimp! Its like half crayfish half prawn!

It's damm creepy! its like eating some alienated crustaceans!!! but i had fun trying to peel it with just using chopsticks!! The meat is like prawn but tasted a little....yucky? dun like it at all... so i just keep peeling n peeling for my mum to use... haha

My uncle is the best... he just keep peeling all!! hahaa... champion!

End of our HK adventure!! Next friday.... my JAPAN trip with family... again... with my mum, younger brother, grandma and aunt isabel!! so I will be MIA for 2 weeks!! mean while I will blog a few more times before I fly off!!!!! To those still having exams, JUST HANG ON A LITTLE MORE!! IT's gonna before soon!!!