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Monday, March 01, 2010

RINA in Singapore da yo~!!

my 1st japanese friend... Rina Kuraoka... finally in Singapore again... knew her since i was 15! during my 1st japan exchange program when i was studying in st gabriel...

went to pick her up and head down to find mr-struck-by-lightning -> MERLION

suddenly i felt like a tourist! hahaa

and.. chicken rice~!! she craves for chicken rice~!!!!

the next day we had chicken rice tooooo!!! the usual place i go for chicken rice at far east!! :)

after walking around at far east... we head down to haji lane!!

clark quay.... jonathan accompanied us and then phoebe came over....

cannery at clark quay... rina said singapore is very beautifulllllll~!!!!

breakfast at chong pang is a must for tourist!! the breakfast is sooooooo nice..... macbreakfast is soooooo vanilla... hahahah

breakfast with my mum also... we bought so much breakfast... FULLLLL to the max!

head down to st gabriel to see how much it changed... A LOT~!! rina was quite surprised that the whole sch changed soooo much.... last time she also attended school with me in my class for 5days!

St gabriel also had a special corner for our sister sch - Kitago Junior High School :)

and the familiar background of mother mary...

Rina and her fav fruit.... DRAGONFRUIT~!!! we helped her packed alot of it inside her suitcase!!

Merlion at sentosa! ok she visited all 3 merlion in SG already... small, medium and large... hahaha

on our way to the BEACH!

lucky the rain stopped!

we are at SILOSO BEACH~!!!

so sad... two of us play vball with no one else!!

jess was working at sentosa!! muahuah... thanks to her many many!!! so i got her to look after me n rina's bag and we went to the sea n play~!!! whee~!!

our slippers, camera, ball and boooooze....not ours... LOL~!!


me toooo!!! first time on LUGE~!! seriously~!! cuz this is soooo touristy!! i never wanted to ride the luge but i have to say its sooo FUN~!! hahaha... and new track opening soooon~!!! i want to go again~!!

me and rina on the chairlift going up the slope~!! its like going to ski~!! sooooo fun~!~! wa wa~!!

after LUGE.... we went to cafe del maar.... to chill, snack, drink and HANG OUTZ~! lol...

RINA & HER HOEGARDEN~! she like it! her first time trying hoegarden!

me and rina at the poolside bar :)

head home to have dinner with my parents.... CHILLI CRAB~!! MUAHUAHAUH SHE LOVE IT TO THE MAX~!! I WONDER HOW MUCH WEIGH SHE GAINED~!!!

She went back with so much stuff that I gave her one of my fav bag... this bag i used for almost 7years~!!! To test our friendship, you have to give one of ur most dearest stuff to your friend and in time you will get it back... so i will get it back when i meet her again.... take care of my bag rina~!!!

sending rina off....
i felt like a Japanese for the past 3 days cuz i spoke more japanese than chinese n english combine! hahaa i miss that! oh welll....

GOOD BYE RINA~!!! till we meet again....