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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Haha... love the new noose video... so funny~! 5555+

Saturday, December 03, 2011

 東方神起 ☆ DBSK ☆ TVXQ ☆ Tohoshinki 

It's their concert tonight~!! OMG~!! I have been waiting forever~!!! Thanks for teaching me to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH~!! Tonight is the night that I will get to meet changmin and yunho~!!! can't wait~!!!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN~!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“那些年,我們一起追的女孩” 應該是我這輩子看過的最棒的台灣電影喔~!!

我們都曾經年輕過。。那些年所發生的一點一滴都牢牢的記住在我們的腦海里。。我們所懷念的事情早以結成了美好的回憶。。謝謝 ♥

胡夏- 那些年



回到教室座位前後 故意討妳溫柔的罵
黑板上排列組合 妳捨得解開嗎

好想擁抱妳 擁抱錯過的勇氣

好想告訴妳 告訴妳我沒有忘記

I love this movie sooooo much.... I love Taiwan sooooo much toooo....

Monday, November 21, 2011

My dearest BoA is back.... her new Japanese single is soooooooooo good! Love her~! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The New VESPA 46!!!

OMG! I instantly fall in love when I saw the new vespa model that is gonna release in 2012!! waaaaaa its soooo nice!! its call VESPA 46!

It looks retro yet futuristic!! so sexy! I love this metallic blue colour! soooo nice!!! ahhhhh....

It got a sharp pointy butt with a round light haha... its quite edgy ya? haha

I think it should be auto... i still prefer to ride vespa in manual mode... but the handle sooooo stylish!! omg... i want this for my birthday next year!!!! OMG!!! argh! I WANT!!!!

for more info check out:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finally back from Taiwan.... It's so amazing... i couldn't believe it myself... probably because I understand the Chinese language so well that I am so impressed with them... the people are super friendly... sorry from MIA from this blog... its really hard to sit down properly to blog a decent post.. facebook and twitter allows me to microblog all the time...

I am so happy that finally Katy Perry has a MTV for this song! I totally dig it! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! IT'S SO SAD!!! SAD YET NICE... sometime we just need some emo song.. not that i am feeling emo... just that I really love this song... so sad... it really portray the image of a person who did a silly mistake and lost that someone... forever.... hoping to be with that person in the next life... awwwww my heart just melt..... enjoy this song :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Everyone please go to this page and LIKE the photo for me PLEASE!!!!! I WANT TO WIN THE CONTEST!!! I NEED 200 VOTES!!!! HELP!!!!!

Still in Taiwan... I AM GETTING FAT! hahaha.... anyway do subscribe to my facebook profile I set all my mobile pics to public so you all can see what's going on.... BRB!!! REMEMBER TO ASK EVERYONE TO LIKE MY PIC OR ELSE.... I NOT GONNA BLOG ANYMORE! haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SOOOOOOO BUSY.... sorry that I didn't update.. really way too many things going on in my life.....

with my exam over today... i am soooo happy.... really can't wait to graduate!!! I will be flying to Taiwan for holiday + canoepolo competition in 12hrs!!! I will try to update ok!!!

anyway now that facebook has subscription feature... u all can just follow me there and twitter to know what's going... its way easier for me to update my life on twitter and facebook.... time to pack my bags! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haha iPhone... what a JOKE sia... *ahem*loser*ahem*

I love all these funny photos on facebook nowadays... hahaa

Like this one too... hahaha poor spiderman... haha

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SO TRUE! haha

I want to go spooktacular at sentosa this year!! but its $70 for 6trails ticket!!! anyone can get discount let me know!!!! SENTOSA GIMME FREE TICKETS PLS!!! I WANNNNNNNA GO!!!!! zzzzzz

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Parents with school kids.... buy this bag for you if you scare ur kids spoil the bag or the bully in the sch try to rip it off... cuz THIS BAG IS INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! MUAHAUHAUAHHA

Don't you just love Freitag??

I am so wanna go JAPAN NOW!!! Freitag open its First Flagship store in Japan and First in Asia!!! I WANT!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aiyo ppl... why u all so sua ku... iOS5 notifications is a rip-off from Android lor.. i have been pulling down the notification from my screen for one whole year... and wireless sync from itune i can already do that long ago....

but i have to give credit for the splitting keyboard function... but it only applies for iPad.. iPhone screen so small split what shit?

"access camera from the lock screen" sounds damm familiar... HTC Sense 3 long ago already can do that...

Sorry hor... i think Google (Android) already kicked Apple's S

And Scott Forstall... why dun u join variety show as host? u are full of excitement during the whole video...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HTC Regional Launch Event at Marina Bay Sands

Before attending this launch, I thought they just gonna launch Sensation XE. But they are launching other 3 phones as well!!!! Radar, Rhyme and Explorer!

I have to say I am very very excited over Sensation XE because of BEATS! I have Dr Dre Headphones so I know how good the quality is...

Black and Red looks so nice together... :)

Been using Desire HD and Incredible S... I love the curves of my phone... and iPhone4 is very blocky..

At the end of the presentation, there were dancers with those lighted up suits! It's like Step Up 3!!! damm cool!!! check out the video i took!

They revealed the 3 sections, Entertainment, Fashion and Social.

Let's look at Explorer first. It is launched as a entry level phone. very basic. 3megapixel camera. Surprisingly it comes with the new Sense 3.5 interface... because XE is not.. kinda strange..

It is quite compact. It's released in India already... I guess it is target towards mass who can't afford the higher end phone... smart move... cause iPhone is too expensive for them to own it...

Next, is HTC Radar... Not very excited over this phone because it is running on window.. however, it is a very beautiful phone... it is WHITE... 

The best part is that... it is using F2.2 lens (iPhone 4S boost so much about their F2.4 lens, it's not even wide angle...) and it is 28mm wide angle lens! The lower the F means the lens can take better shots at low light condition.. especially night shots... (later in the post I will show you HTC panorama mode)

This is how the window interface look like... Pretty much like the Android version..

Windows looks quite cool huh... but still Android for me!

Follow by HTC Rhyme... This is targeted more towards the ladies market.. Featuring a dock that once you put your phone down on it... it will look like those bedside alarm clock. nice huh... and you see the screen there's the phone and calender icon... you can change to any other icon for quick access...

when you go into other application, it will be in landscape mode too... in a very nice layout.. and the dock is a speaker as well! nice... i wish they have dock for all HTC phone!

This is how the "backside" look like.. its not fully white... more of the greyish kind of white..

The round little thing is the HTC Charm... because this is a lady phone... so usually when a lady go out with their prada or gucci handbag (ok LV, Chanel also included) usually they will put their phone in their bag and can't hear the phone ringing and/or vibrate... so this charm is connect to the headphone port and you can clip the charm outside the handbag handle and it will light up whenever there's a call or message!

The reason u see my incredible S lying there is because the whole place is white and the charm is white... so i can't take any photo showing it is GLOWING... people around me was like thinking what I am trying to do... haha.. anyway the charm only works for Rhyme... so sad.. my incredible not charm-ing enough...

Its a pity that Singapore only have one colour... oversea got 2 more colours.. 

Take a break from phone... look at some human here ya? LOL...

Yes! This is what I have been WAITING FOR!!! HTC SENSATION XE!!! Basically this is an upgrade from the Sensation phone... Sensation itself is already very good but this is BETTER... dual core processor of 1.5Ghz!! Bigger battery capacity! iPhone4S processor is not any faster than this! 

Apple may revolutionize how we listen to music.. but they stop at making music sound better... you see the difference? I've been reading so much business books... I can say that HTC is really smart... they collaborate with other brands.. (FYI: they bought over BEATS by Dr Dre) Nowadays if you see alot of ppl wearing earphones or headphone with red wires... that's beats... the younger generation have better taste in music and know what is good music... but i can say... if you plug ur BEATS earphones to ur iPod or iPhone... you cant feel the right BEATS... I tried my BEATS headphones with my HTC Desire HD... the SRS mode really make the music sounds so good...

That's why I am excited over XE... it is gonna make my music sound so good! hehe! they have a special audio profile for the BEATS earphone.. so if u plug ur other brands of earphones... it wont work... anyway every XE phone comes with FREE BEATS EARPHONES!!!! you know how expensive is one! now its FREE with the phone... 

Too bad Steve Jobs is dead... Tim you better start thinking how to make music sounds good on ur iPod and iPhone or you will be COOK-ed

The camera it may not be like Radar F2.2 or iPhone4S F2.4 lens... but i love the instant capture... there's no lag when u press the shutter button. what u see is what u get! iPhone still stuck at the single flash.... For XE (and even my Desire HD and Incredible S) comes with dual LED Flash... take better photos at night.. (you can use it as torchlight also! I always use that haha)

Ok... now is the panorama mode... I am quite disappointed that XE doesnt have this panorama mode found on Radar... IT'S FREAKING BRILLIANT!!! 

When you are in the Panorama mode, there's the line across ur screen... you just need to level your line with the dotted line!!!

After you aligned and snap the photo... you just need to move your phone left or right to connect to the next dot!! that SIMPLE! waaaa so simple yet iPhone dun have it and even my Canon S95 can't even do this!!! Holy shit... The moment i saw it i was like "I MUST HAVE THIS IN MY NEXT PHONE!!"

Since XE don't have.... XL have! hahaha Check this out

Thank you Sheena for the invite! haha.. we suppose to meet up for dinner but i fall sick and cancelled it then arranged again and then she fall sick and cancelled... hahaha... let's not fall sick again!

Just watch from 1.10 u will just laugh though u dun understand japanese.... the end also damm funny if u know tohoshinki song "why"... if u understand japanese... u will love this video.... for those who dun...

basically... the guys just wanna go watch the tohoshinki concert (because next year they are touring japan for their new album) and the guys are afraid that the girls go to the tohoshinki concert... they will not like the guys cuz tohoshinki are alot more cool... hahaa.... who knows... tohoshinki pop out of nowhere and the guys asked why are they in the park??? they replied that they usually go to the park for a walk before their concert and they lost their way... HAHA!!!! then tohoshinki saw the fat girl and said she is very beautiful and both fighting to be with her... hahahahaha

(updated post) I found the chinese subtitle! haha... at least for those who understand chinese, u will understand this! so funny... i buay tahan... haha

Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's the Annual SIM Canoe Polo Camp!! (Last call to those SIM students who wanna join Canoe Polo!) Program to start on the evening of 11 Nov(Fri) to Early afternoon of 13 Nov(Sun). and its $15 dollar.. It will be an open camp, thus u can ask ur friends to come along. Please revert your attendance & tshirt size to Darren or Garrick via this SMS found on this poster! SHARE THIS!

Friday, October 07, 2011

OMG... i feel like a phone slut... just when i fall in love and wanna get HTC Sensation XE... then my bestie, Yao told me there is HTC Sensation XL!!! F2.2 lens win iPhone4S F2.4 lens hands down!! watch this video.. u see the panorama mode is so brilliant and Apple didn't even think of it... my Canon S95 cant even take perfect panorama shot... comes with BEATS audio!! It's WHITE SOMEMORE.... SUPER WHITE AH~!!!!

Just went to HTC launch on Wed! so amazing! i gonna blog abt it soon! so busy that I have no time to update... argh and freaking army activating me tmr for call up... super annoy!

BTW, to my loyal blog reader, Benedict: Happy 21st Birthday to you tmr!! Have a blast! :) A surprise is heading ur way soon... though it will be late but better than never.. :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

(Photo from

RIP STEVE... The world lost a visionary. You created the most amazing Apple products ever. Apple will never be the same without you around. We will always remember you.. :) Thank you.. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been so long since I received a letter from Kitago, Japan... Letters are still the best way to communicate with emotions and sincerity! :)

I want this Snoopy! so cute!! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My bestie wrote this on my facebook wall so all u ppl check this out

alvin lee! I KNOW YOU HAVE A LOT OF CONTACT. My workplace is urgently looking for someone to work on sat. Can i make full use of your wide network to look for someone! THANKSSSSSSS! :D

Hello!!! ♥ Clay Cove (an awesome pottery school) is hiring!!!

Who: Pottery teacher for children
What: $8/hr
When: Every Saturday, 10.30am - 7.30pm
Where: Funan DigitaLife Mall (outside City Hall MRT)

1. No prior experience required
2. Training provided
3. Adorable children and awesome colleagues also provided

If interested, please contact:
Mag - 93892942
Moni - 91092701

If not interested, please help spread the message anyway! :P

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eurobin Trip side track to Eleven Paris!

Guess what I got from TANGS?!?!

Yup.. I took part in the Tangs PlayLab to be one of the lucky participant to wear this Brand new exclusive Parisian label!

The latest Winter collection includes some very hot tees designed by aleXsandro Palombo such as the Vog Off tee and also drawings of famous icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Manson and Anna Wintour adorn simples tees. Famous artist aleXsandro Palombo is well known for his society portraits inspired by the world’s most famous high fashion designers.

When I went to TANGS, I got to choose from all these design below.


This season also sees a range of Eleven Paris signature quirky t–shirts with handprints of celebrity faces such as Rihanna and Uma Thurman and the brand’s ‘life is a joke!’ slogan. (The one shown above) The collection is dark and sophisticated, inspired by the New Wave scene and Scandinavian culture. Minimal with a rock and roll edge, the collection blends this season’s key trends into staple wardrobe lust-haves.

It was really difficult to choose one I really like... as in I am allow to have one shirt and one pants. IF POSSIBLE I WANT ALL THE T-SHIRTS! But only one... so I decided to pick the one below...

Yup! This Lady Gaga lookalike holding onto Eiffel Tower! I will definitely wear this next time I am in Paris!! I MISS PARIS!!! So this T-shirt will remind me of my Paris trip...

I really like T-shirt to have their own tag at the side of the shirt to "show off" the brand of the shirt. It is better than some brands that tries to print the brand name together with the design of the T-shirt which just totally spoil everything... so the tag at the side is much better :)

I also like T-shirt with prints at the back of your neck instead of those tag which will irritate your neck. The humour chic series have really interesting design which is really suitable to wear for special occasions. It is also good for occasion whereby you will get to meet new people and all these funky designs will be one of the topic to kick start the conversation!

When I took out the pants, I realised they gave me the wrong colour pants! Haha... It is supposed to be the green one not the grey one. (I'm not colourblind right?) All pants usually have a big tag at the back of the jeans around the belt area. But often, it is blocked by the belt or the T-shirt. So Eleven Paris is really smart to put the label near the pockets which is low enough for others to see! Very subtle... I LIKE!

The design is very different from normal pants. There's this extra cloth to "protect" the button. Cute!

This is the best part.... I really like this double pocket on the pants! Let say I have my HTC phone and keys with me. I don't have to put my HTC phone in the pouch or case and still put it in the pocket without the fear of the keys scratching my phone's screen! Or let say I go clubbing, I can just put my locker tag in the other pocket so when I took out my phone from the pocket, the tag won't drop out together with the phone. That's how some people lose their locker tags and other small items. Brilliant design for the pocket! I never see any other brands doing the same design as this... 

I just went to cut my hair really short! (Compare my long hair during my Paris trip and now) The T-shirt that I was wearing is S size. Fit perfectly!! So does the pants too! It's waist 29! I felt as if the clothes were all tailor-made for me! Haha...

Let me give you a fashion tip. When wearing such a nice T-shirt, I am sure you won't want to wear a sling bag as the sling will block the design. So you should carry something like my that Freitag bag! Hand carry style with no sling! When everyone else is going crazy over H&M and trying to look the same, time for you to be unique and stand out with Eleven Paris! I guess everyone will start asking where I got my shirt and pants from...

Eleven Paris’ Winter 2011 T-Shirt is now available in TANGS PlayLab, Orchard. GO GET IT NOW!!! For more information and updates, do visit