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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am cheapskate cuz I refuse to blog on computer cuz need to pay $1.30 for 20min and i use my iPod touch is free but can't blog photo and I think this time round in japan I took slot less photo dunno why man

Today train with sakura super fierce man but super good training. Then I shop like mad at factory outlet but this time round the nice onitsuka tiger shoes dun have my size.... Then suppose to have BBQ party with sakura but it rained hence we ate at a restaurant n keep drinking beer but I can't get drunk or else the rest of the guys can sleep on streets with me haha tmr meeting them for dinner again and ikuta San bringing us to super traditional Japanese place eat loach which I dunno what is that haha ok here not as hot as I expected but I got tan line very fast..

Today they lend for revenge for training!!! So nice n I considering getting my own boat n I saw ORANGE boat which very nice!!

I shall blog again tmr!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

hello everyone I am in tokyo now n somehow it felt like I just came back to japan. And Suzuki is so nice to take leave and came to pick me up with katsumi n akira. Haji fly my kite again. Just now once we touch down we were drag to go training with them while waiting for ben jiun hong gay flight to arrive. Rme will try with their whole team n I dun feel like going back sin. Anyway I m blogging with my iPod touch type damn sian I want buy new digi cam!!!!!!!tmr we have welcome party from the sakura can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10th Canoepolo National Championship 2008

Groupings in Division A ->
Group A of A
Zelante Rookies
Rowdy Boyz
Red Tide 2

Group B of A
Red Tide 1
Tp Kakis
Valiente Rookies

Groupings in Division B ->
Group A of B
NTU Alumni
NUS High

Group B of B
TP 1
Rowdy Men
NTU Freshies

Ladies Opens Groupings
Group A
Red Tide Ladies
NUS High

Group B
TP Munchies
Red Tide Wheeeeeeee
Black Crooks (NUS)

today got 2 stupid person ask me this after i told them i know the grouping.....


tamade.... u never play ivp ah.... even i last yr nv play ivp i also know lor! hahaha... damm cock leh... i shant say the name here... HAHA but u can pay me $10 n i will tell u who!!!!

i damm stress over this comp... i want go home with double medals n dye my hair with weird colours! HAHA.... pls pls pls.... dun screw up this yr for me.... ALVIN LEE BEEN A GOOD BOY!

tmr going japan... la la.... everyone pls be reminded not to call me... n just sms n i will sms u when i can find a computer!! take care n i love u... and......

pls go check out the exhibit that me n chia meng have been helping out with weidong for the past few weeks.... photos taken by weidong... and after i back i will upload some behind the scene photos taken by me :P

the place is at chinatown... if u dunno how to go... PLS GO PESTER WEIDONG AT HIS BLOG thanks! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


like finally!!! meet sandip since he is back from UK... he is back for a freaking long holiday man... he always like to ask me out last min n i have to always reject him.... boooooo so i did an advance booking... hahaha

ronald came with his new boyfriend....

and so they all relax one corner..... for a while...

before we go timbre n CHILLLLLLL!!!! hahaha.... stupid han wei pang seh us for girlfriend... i hate this kind of person... got girlfriend and will forget wat is FRIEND.....


my schedule:
10am: meet jessica
12pm: meet yong mou n terence
130pm: meet siao mei
6pm: meet sunathar, phoebe, sakura, ayumi
830pm: james birthday party
10pm: chill out with pei ru, duncan, daryl

oh man.... my friends told me i need a secretary... actually i dun need... i need a chauffeur instead! hahaha

jessica tay su su is finally back from UK too... and she forgot to contact me once she is back hence we meet so early at 10am!! and since i never take photo with merlion... we took one tgt... hahahaa.... and this reminds me that i forgot to post abt merlion canoepolo comp... haha and she is going malaysia until the day i going japan... so cant meet again! SIAN

so lunch with yong mou n terence at bugis some hainanese steamboat which is quite a traditional place... i like!!! then after that rush to meet siao mei for 12 lotus concert!!!

we have many many tickets!!! yeah!!! thanks siao mei for ur secret stuff!! hahaha i will bring to japan!!! weeeeee!

la la... i am so happy.... but the 4 tickets not for the 2 of us... we dun have such big ass to sit 2 chairs per person.... its for my mother n grandma....

small umbrella!! la la.... i just love their songs... la la... its better than NDP... hahaha

phoebe is ordering pudding with a candy bar hahaha....

then phoebe took a photo of me n sunathar! hahaha.... not bad huh... can focus...

our japanese friends from OSAKA!!!! from left: sakura, phoebe, ayumi and sunathar!

the ramen at the crystal jade is soooo FUTSU.... means NORMAL.... nothing special...

phoebe asking the auntie to make the pudding for her... hahaha

ops! got caught in action... sunathar trying to tell me a secret hahaha

aiyo! sakura!! u always close ur eyes!!! and monday she came to NP... i forgot to go meet her... hahaha SHIT....

look at sakura again... damm funny la her.... her expression so funny... hahahha

time for neoprint da yo!!! i cant even remember when was the last time i took it....

bye bye sakura n ayumi.... i see u all again when i go japan... u all can come AWARA n find me!!! 3hrs drive from OSAKA ne! chikai desu... very near.... hahahah  sakura is soooo singaporean.... when we were all talking abt where got nice hokkien mee for ayumi to try... we both said the same thing! NP bukit timah market hokkien mee!! hahaha... i miss u little chili padi!!! hahaha

then head to james party n just chill out awhile then left with mom.... mom very nice... bring 3 boy boy... DAD ( duncan alvin daryl) to drink... hahhaa alot funny things happened... HAHA.... argh busy busy!!!!!!

hahah suzuki sent me this photo of his wedding.... never invite me lor! anyway i am dying to attend a japanese traditional wedding! he gonna intro his wife to me during awara... or maybe in tokyo will get to meet her! hahaha... anyway... cant believe in 48hrs time... i will on AIRBUS!! good bye singapore n KONICHIWA JAPAN!!  yes i cant wait to get rowdy with sakura! alvin lee is going japan to mod my canoepolo engine...

so sad.... i cant meet miho... so she sent me her photo.... she now only 35KG!!! damm scare man.... she getting very skinny man.... she told me she not on diet... she just keep working n work until very skinny... aiyo... MIHO!!! TABERU TABERU!!! damm sad leh... i dun get to meet miho.... i will use suzuki phone n 3G with miho! hahaha....

JAPAN digi cam is dirt cheap now!!! i check online... canon ixus 80 is only $260... the last time i know alan photo is selling at $390!!! japan is 1/3 cheaper can!!! i feel like just buy 1 camera n bring back!!! i gonna shop tilllll i broke la! tamade... 

Sunday, August 10, 2008


i went to the gala premiere yest with ah wee, ah dong n chia meng.... instead of a red carpet... they have pinky ones! hahaha.... just like the 12 lotus logo pink pink.... cuz lotus flower is pink in colour also....

imagine one day u go golden village n u see this..... only 12 LOTUS movie... NOTHING ELSE! hahahah


i know i posted these photos before but.... GOOD THINGS MUST KEEP SHARING WITH U ALL! hahaha....  I WANT THIS POSTER!!!

I am AH LONG!!!! my two ah hwa is beside me! la la... wau i miss them! haha... i want to watch 12 lotus AGAIN!

ok here is the movie review... firstly... if there is any score to grade this film.... i tell you.... royston tan OVER SCORE IT! the movie's beginning is very very goood..... is like WOW.... thru out the whole show i just open my eyes big big.... and from the start till the end is damm sad... all the way... 1st 10mins got ppl cry already... and thru out the show i can hear very distinct laughter n sobbing... my laughter is so prominent hahaha.... got really funny part.. mostly by liu ling ling.... unlike money no enough... i barely laugh.... royston tan have totally put jack neo to shame n make money no enough a movie that look so CHEAP....  i hope singapore will have more director like royston tan so that we can enjoy movies that is truly unique to us... 

i think mindee ong's acting improved alot from 881... and sun yan zi made a special guest appearance at the start of the show... n royston tan said that he has a secret character for the movie... a very good mediacorp actor.... and i couldnt guess is who.... u cant even find it in trailer... n once the movie start.... u will just go wooooooooo..... give u all a hint la... he act as lotus's father....

12 lotus flower that song is being played thru out the show.... from 1st lotus to 12th... every lotus show a diff scene n stage of lotus... WA!!! i cant wait to go watch GETAI after i am back from japan man!!!!  

another thing.... if u think u didnt watch 881 and will not understand 12 lotus.... U ARE WRONG.... u DO NOT need to watch 881 to understand 12 LOTUS.... i am still very much in 12 lotus world now.... I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN!!!