Sunday, June 10, 2012

Auckland I LOVE YOU~!!!

Yeah~!!! I am back in Auckland again! Really Love this place! Not crowded at all.. slow pace and most of all.... BEAUTIFUL!

First stop, SUPERMARKET!! I can't believe I bought almost $70 worth of food! Most of it is cause of the chips that I bought! hahaha

Making snacks for myself in case I am lazy to go out and wanted to cook some awesome dish!

Had a small snack before I head out!

Packed this sandwich for my picnic later!!!

Thanks to Clayton's recommendation... I decided to go up Mount Eden and Belinda was keen to join me and here we go! At the foot of the mountain!

On the way up.... we saw charlotte's web... hahaha

This is the way up~!!

And if you look back... you will see me! HAHA! SO RETARDED!

We decided to take photo here! SO NICE! But we look kinda small in the photo... so we moved...

lame pose! hahaha but i love funny photos... u will really remember for life!

Here we are... looking down the mountain! Wooohooo!

Random people on the mountain

Panorama view of the place...

Me sitting at the random bench on top of the mountain! Kinda like JYJ - In Heaven MTV the feel of it... haha

ah~! drinking my cider on top of the mountain... how awesome can life be... LOVE IT!

Decided to do a LOVE sign like how those Koreans always do it! haha!


Look like a Xmas tree!!! ding ding!

Wooooah~!!! we saw higher ground! Let's go!

It's my camera, my cider and ME!


Sunset on the left side while Auckland tower on the right side....

We head down hill... back to City area... explored abit... trying to find the cafe we saw earlier...

it's CLOSE!! Such a pretty cafe but CLOSE AT 7!? OMG... we decided to come in the afternoon the next day...

Continue to walk around.... Love the shop interior and exterior as well...

their train station...

Saw this open space with benches! so nice! ahhhh! i love venue like this!

the beauty of long shutter.... thanks to Pris... Aperture at F8, ISO100 and just let it snap away...

It's impossible without a tripod... LOVE IT!


Going to the same old place that I fall in love previously here...

Me and Belinda frozen here... trying to hide away from the wind!

Dinner time! Really love the food here. It's slight cheaper than Singapore and the quality is really better. Having my hot cappuccino~!! CUZ IT FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE!!!!

Same spot, same view, same camera but with a tripod... nightshot just look so amazing...

DAY 2!

I slept like a pig.. haha and woke up to prepared breakfast... look so awesome yah? haha... it was so random! I just anyhow do and it looks like some power brunch in a cafe! haha... I WAS SO FULL AFTER THAT AND I FALL ASLEEP AGAIN ON BED... PIG!

So I met Belinda and Beatrice to go to the cafe together at 2.30pm. TADA! It's open!!




awwwww look at the wall... so beautiful... i managed to get this shot when all the customers left haha... the food is just so so... my brunch was much more powerful that this! hahaa.. nonetheless its a nice place to hang out n use free wifi!

However, I do love the deco alot! really nice to chill out here with a cup of coffee and your laptop :)

Off we go again... exploring the rest of the city... Auckland is really very very quiet! It was about 4plus 5 and it is really dead...

good thing is that... no one to crowd around when you wanna shop... IT'S ALL YOURS! haha

Like this kind of shop concept... interesting huh


With no people around... you can take nice photo like this... :)

train station in the day....

Sunsetting again~!!! SO BEAUTIFULx999!

Belinda hiding again....

Time for some photo of myself! haha

I love this industrial building thingy... it looks so cool... i wanna climb yet i think i will scream if i look down while climbing! scare scare!

hehe.. photo with the sunset and the bridge behind... :)


My favourite structure in Auckland! :)

A great place to do fashion show catwalk... haha

look at the textile of the grills... haha

really wonder why this place so many industrial stuff!

I think I will walk to this place again and again just to chill out... love it here!

Good bye Auckland... till then... see ya! MUACKS!


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